Another Drama Wizkid FC Known As “Atvan” Blast Wizkid Haters

Wizkid FC Known As Atvan Blast Wizkid Haters
Atvan Wizkid FC

Wizkid FC Known As Atvan Blast Wizkid Haters

As a Bustrender i Keep thinking about whether these individuals recognize what Fanbase and Stans implies.

Anyway, in the event that they should junk talk Wizkid, we ought to sit and not utter a word, since Wiz has decided to overlook? Do you know how inept that sounds?

That Wiz overlooks them doesn’t mean he isn’t do any harm, he’s human too FFS.

Bearing this sort of disdain isn’t simple, the main thing that makes it simpler is realizing that you have individuals safeguarding you, who despite everything get your back.

Envision on the off chance that Wizkid FC was quiet, at that point, it’d appear as though we can’t protect our FAV, making him look powerless smh.

When Wizkid says “FC, Awon Militant or Wizkid FC, I love una kick the bucket” or the announcement He made at StarboyFest saying “After God, Na Wizkid Fc”

You believe it’s voyage, no, it’s cos he sees what Fc does, how we ride for him, how we safeguard him.

U perceive how individuals affront and say terrible regarding Wiz and next thing U see is individuals telling the individual, “Wizkid FC is desiring you” that imparts dread on them, that way they know not to go on and on aby Wiz. Presently envision the FC was delicate, everybody would affront him and pull off it.

FanBases all around the globe go more earnestly for their Faves to the degree of being brutal yet here they affront Wizkid and when they get their due, they label us harmful. Thunder select every one of you and fire you, Bastards.

In the event that guarding our own will mean us being called Toxic, at that point, I couldn’t care less, screw them and their emotions. All things considered, I didn’t come here to satisfy anybody aside from Wizkid.

Atvan added:

E no dey commot hair from my body or cash from my record or change anything by any stretch of the imagination.

Last, You’ll never observe me on your remark segment offending your most loved or have you? On the off chance that indeed, at that point please give me receipts. In any case, get this straight into your imbecilic screwing head that when I post about Wiz and you accompany negative vibes at my remark area amma give you twofold of what you accompanied on the grounds that it’s my post and since your idiocy Won’t let you realize that everyone is qualified for his/her own supposition and we as a whole have a decision.

Says: Twitter User Atvan


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