Cynthia Morgan Beep Ex-label Boss, Jude Okoye Once More Over Alleged Unpaid Debt (Photos)

Cynthia Morgan Beep Ex Label Boss Jude Okoye Over Allged Unpaid Debt

Cynthia Morgan Beep Ex Label Boss Jude Okoye Over Allged Unpaid Debt

The ongoing saga between the popular Nigerian songstress, Cynthia Morgan and her former record label boss, Jude Okoye brother to the twin celebrities Peter and Paul seems not to be over yet.

Cynthia recently has taken to her Instagram page once more, to beckon on him to pay up the money he (Jude) owes her.

The Hustle crooner in one of her insta-stories, added her account details on it, for the attention of her ex-manager if maybe in case he doesn’t have it anymore…

See her instagram posts below,

This current beep is coming just some days after the songstress took to her Instagram page, and even went live on the platform, of which she was seen ranting about former boss and ex manager, Jude.

In the live video spotted of her page, Cynthia Morgan seems to be very pissed over the fact that her former record label executive stated that she owes him money, whereas she doesn’t. Cynthia is requesting a some of 7million or more from Jude as she accompanied the post with her account details just incase.

What Can Be Heard Off The Live Video On Instagram Page, Cynthia said;

“Jude came online to tell everyone that she owes him money and she doesn’t”.


Without showing her face, she vents aggressively as she says that the Northside Music executive should pay her her hard earned money…

She says she’s suffering, and Jude owes her money and as such, he should pay up his due.

So bustrenders, what would you guys say regarding this saga between the Nigerian Songstress Cynthia Morgan and her former ex manager? Drop a comment about your own personal view below lets interact. To me i will say maybe Jude owes her money of which she keeps ranting for and Jude should pay her so as peace should rein.


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